Honoring the fallen logistics is a US based Veteran operated logistics company

We specialize in warehouse distribution as well as courier and relocation solutions, while planning, implementing and coordinating the efficient transportation of goods from the point of origin to a location of your choice.


Our Trained Personnel have years of experience with logistics and supply chain management. HTFL staff are skilled in handling individual as well as business demands and are dedicated to deliver on the KPIs you set for them.

Customer focused with unbeatable work ethic

HTFL is a minority owned, US based company that aims to alleviate the stress that may be caused by cross-country moves. Our team ensures that our customers are always satisfied with their delivery experience.


We guarantee the highest quality of service and specialize in transport execution to meet customer needs and requirements.

What makes us different ?

Professional Personnel

Our certified staff meet industry requirements and are fully trained.

Cost Reduction

We find ways to minimize the cost of moving goods and materials.

Customize Your Delivery

We offer expedited delivery options, acknowledge special requirements and deliver on Sundays.

Sustainability and Growth

We maintain high standards and consistently reach client goals and requirements.

Industry Experience

We direct complex logistics functions and maximize resources to streamline operations in different industries.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Our monitoring and tracking solutions ensure greater transparency in the transport cycle.

Our Expertise


We have real-time systems and procedures that can manage logistical processes on a single platform. We utilize analytics and reporting to drive business decisions while we increase profitability and monitor data.


Our staff are able to apply the technical knowledge and skills required in order to achieve the expected results. We have a powerful leadership team, and our skilled packers and movers use quality packing materials to protect your belongings.


Our Consultants are focused on effectively managing inventory and ensure that every move runs smoothly from departure to arrival.  Our team will be available to advise and guide you throughout the move process.

Our Team

Our dedicated team will negotiate the best rates, arrange the move and load the shipment. We ensure that we are with you throughout your journey and follow up on the shipment until it reaches the intended destination safely and on time.

Ethics and Compliance

We are committed to support universal human rights, environmental standards and fundamental labor regulations. We make it a priority to pursue our business with strong moral principles while respecting culture and individual identity.